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Canhas Tekstil | Expert Face of Knitted Fabric

Expert Face of Knitted Fabric

In 2010, under the leadership of Can Hasgül in the center of Istanbul, we were born as a brand that stands out in the sector. We make a difference in the fabric world with the special product range we offer and our expert staff. We not only produce various fabrics such as single jersey, interlock, rib, but also design and offer original collections. We stand out with our ability to offer fast and quality solutions to customer demands, and we give confidence with our certified products in organic fabric production.

We manage the production processes meticulously and take disciplined follow-up and innovation as a basis at every stage. We have expanded our office, showroom and warehouse areas by growing rapidly, thus providing better service to our business partners. We owe our success in the sector to our corporate know-how and perfectionist approach. By focusing on our customers, we respond to their needs in the best way possible and grow by adopting these valuable relationships as a family.

Through our website, you can get to know our products and services better. We invite you to discover our unique fabric collections blended with innovation and share our passion for our business.

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To be able to establish long-term and strong relationships with our customers and business partners with mutual benefits, and to develop and maintain existing relationships in this context. To fulfill our environmental and social responsibilities with innovative and sustainable technologies, to be the leading company in the sector in fabric production, to increase company value by offering customer-oriented products and services with a system structure that effectively uses price/delivery/quality elements. To produce more innovative and high quality products by constantly renewing our product range.


As an organization that continues to develop day by day, our main focus is to deliver the desired product and service to its owner under the right time and conditions. To be able to compete economically within global values while providing sustainable communication and production skills that will increase returns at the same time. To always add value to people and life in the clothing industry with our quality products. To be among the leading textile companies in the world by meeting customer needs completely and within the promised time.

Canhas Textile

Our company has achieved many successes by fusing production and management approaches. It has adopted the understanding of production dominated by high-level standards in which it operates in the fabric sector and has adopted a perfectionist understanding with the services it provides both before and after sales in the markets it serves.

CANHAS Tekstil, which has achieved success in the fabric sector in a short time and acts with the belief that it is a big family with its employees, customers, suppliers and social environment, will continue to announce its name with new plans and projects.

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